How does Almag 01 work

This device utilized Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency or PEMF to initiate healing and reduce pain and inflammation. Helping the body to become more in sync with the earth’s own natural magnetic pulse, the Almag 01 can treat a number of complaints and ailments such as:

• Bone and cartilage loss
• Pain management
• Enhancing immunity
• Wound healing
• Increasing Vitality

We are happy to offer the Almag 01 to our patients on a rental basis, usually for a total of 2-3 weeks. For just $100 per day, and entire family can benefit from the use of this device. The form factor of this device is another of its strong points, given its chain like design, it can wrap around an injured knee or just as easily go straight along an injured arm. One side of the device is labeled “N”, indicating the north side, which is the side that touches the patient. The other side has a blinking light which indicates the device is working.

Once plugged in, it works for 20 minutes and cuts off automatically. For treatment it can be used as often as twice a day, for general maintenance, once a day is sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having spent money to rent it, can I purchase it by paying the balance?

Most certainly! For the total cost of the device, feel free to ask any member of staff.

Is there a downpayment to rent it?

Whatever the cost of the agreed rental period, we ask for half the total amount upfront.

Are there late fees?

At this point, every day after the agreed time, an cost of $125 would be incurred. To be
paid in full on return of the device.

Are there any side effects?

There are not any serious documented side effects to date. A small amount of people may experience a headache, but it is very mild and temporary. Patients with pacemakers unfortunately would not be able to use the device.

Can children use it?

We do not recommend.