JOOVV Therapy

Oxygen Hyperbaric Therapy

Curation PEMF



BIOMAT Therapy

JOOVV Therapy

Joov is an amazing Red/Infrared photo therapy available at Ishtara.  Infrared therapy can:

Boost energy

Speed up recovery

Promote collagen production in skin

Improve brain function

Improve mood

Improve circulation

Benefits pain


Initiates healing and reduces pain and inflammation.  Almag 01 can treat a number of complaints and aliments such as:

Bone and cartilage loss

Pain Management

Enhancing immunity

Wound healing

Increasing Vitality


Initiates healing and reduces pain and inflammation.  This therapy provides relief in ailments such as:

Bone and cartilage loss

Pain management

Enhancing immunity

Improving sleep

Stress and other Mood Disorders

Memory loss

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen delivers powerful healing results.  Forcing oxygen deep into tissues has a number of benefits which include:

Increased vitality

Better mood

Anti-cancer properties

Increased athletic performance

Treatment of diabetic and other wounds

Improving Anemia

Treatment of Burns

Treating Infection


The Biomat is an all in one wellness device used not just to gently increase and maintain health, but also to treat muscle spasm and joint pain and stiffness.

The Biomat works best to treat:



Muscle Spasm


Pain due to muscular tension

Curation PEMF

This device uses Pulsed Electro Magnetic  Fields (PEMF) to decrease pain and inflammation in the target area.

The PEMF is able to treat:





Back Pain

Diabetic Ulcers

Certain Heart Conditions