How does JOOVV therapy work

Red and Infra Red light therapy has been used for generations to kickstart the healing processes in the body. This type of light is used since this frequency of the spectrum penetrates skin tissue and bone, bypassing the skin barrier. In this way, the Joovv is able to get to damaged joints and tendons to help ease pain and decrease recovery time. Used to great effect by our athletes, the Joovv provides game changing energy and endurance, all with just the use of light. It can be used for so much more as well;

    • Increasing vitality
    • Helping with sleep quality
    • Skin health

Each session with the Joovv costs just $100 and lasts for approximately 15 minutes. All that’s needed is for the person to stand exposed in front the device with the high power red/infra red lights on, and halfway through the therapy, turn around, so both the front and back of the person is treated. You will feel hot, that’s how you know it’s working, since the infra red light is warming. We recommend weekly treatments for about a 1-2 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects?

We do generally advise that patients do not stare directly at the light as the intensity could be painful. This just being light, there aren’t any documented side effects to date.

How far do I need to stand from the device?

Approximately 1 foot from the device or as directed by your doctor or therapist.

Can this be done daily?

It can most certainly be done daily. We recommend weekly treatments on average, but
that can vary based on the advice of your doctor and depending on the amount of
support the patient needs.